Connie Mack IV Thinks the Rules Are Different For Him

  1. Connie Mack IV has a history of altercations. He's been involved in two road-rage incidents, an arrest at a Jacksonville nightclub and a barroom fight with a Major League Baseball player. Read more.
  2. Connie Mack IV preaches penny-pinching to reduce the government deficit. Yet his own past is marked by debts, liens and money borrowed from dad to pay his income taxes. Read more.
  3. Connie Mack IV even avoids paying all his Florida property taxes because of two homestead exemption claims. Read more.
  4. Connie Mack IV isn't doing his job. In fact, he's got one of the worst attendance records in Congress this year. Read more.
  5. Connie Mack IV wants to end Medicare and Social Security as we know it. By one measure, cuts to Social Security and Medicare would be massive under his budget proposal called the "Penny Plan." Read more.
  6. Connie Mack IV has also filed legislation specifically to help Chevron oil and a New York hedge-fund honcho who’s raising campaign money for him. Read more.