As a fifth-generation Floridian, Bill Nelson's roots run deep in Florida. Bill is a man of clear conviction and principle who has dedicated his life to serving the people of Florida.

Putting Florida first – always has, always will.

Whether it’s fighting to protect Social Security and Medicare from massive cuts or working to cut taxes for hardworking middle-class families, Bill Nelson has always put the people of Florida first.

Bill Nelson has led the charge to keep oil rigs away from Florida’s coast while protecting Florida’s most precious environmental and economic resource – our beaches.

Standing up to Special Interests

Bill Nelson puts Floridians first by standing up to special interests.

Whether it’s standing up to Wall Street and insurance companies or Big Oil and drug manufacturers, Bill has fought against the powerful special interests and put the people of Florida first.

Creating Jobs for the Future

His family’s original Florida homestead was just a few miles from where he launched into space on the 24th flight of space shuttle Columbia.

Bill Nelson knows how important NASA and the commercial space industry are to Florida’s economy. He’s fought tirelessly to bring jobs back to Florida’s Space Coast after NASA ended its Space Shuttle program, and he’s continued to support public/private partnerships that will create jobs for future generations of scientists, engineers and space explorers right here in Florida.

As a senior member on the Senate Armed Services Committee, Bill Nelson has been instrumental in ensuring that Florida retains its leadership role as a center for military operations – even during budget cuts – keeping our nation safe and supporting Florida's economy.